HOSTEL features a large and open common space, divided into several thematic areas. You can relax in our faux leather bean chairs and hammock, meet other travelers in the garden, work at comfortable
tables, or try your hand at Thai and international cuisine, in the kitchen area. Throughout HOSTEL you can make use of our fast and secure wi-fi connection.

All HOSTEL guests are welcome to 24/7 complimentary bottled water, coffee, tea, and espresso. A breakfast buffet is provided, as well as washing machines and dryers.

Our Complementaries
Fill up your stomach for the new day with our yummy complimentary breakfast with hot coffee or tea, your choice!
Keep in mind that stay hydrated is the key. Just grab the free bottle of water we provide and refreshing. After finished it you can reuse by filling up a bottle with our water tank to reduce plastic pollution

We provide all things that you would love

Don’t starve yourselves, TIME TO COOK! 24 hours kitchen opens for you and don’t forget to share us your food Bon Appétit

DIY Laundry
Make your dirty clothes great again with our laundry machine

Common Area
Chillin around, make new squad of friends and let’s hang out. HOSTEL common area is the place you can exchange your journey with your new friends

Shared Bathroom
After a long day who’d not love a hot bath right? HOSTEL provides you clean bathrooms and full toiletries service, hairdryer, body gel and shampoo. Enjoy your shower!

Luggage/Storage Room
No problem if you want to leave your luggage for awhile, a day, a month or even a year! We do have a space for you